Morristown Gun Club

Club Rules

Remember to Practice Safe Gun Handling at All Times!

All shooters must have a signed wavier and release on file prior to participating in any Morristown Gun Club shooting activity. Down below or complete at the club house.

Fire Arms Waiver Release and Indemnification Form Morristown Gun Club

  •  7 1/2 or 8 shot only
  • Must obey range master at all times
  • Ear and eye protection strongly recommended (required for minors)
  • Keep action open when not on station
  • Keep muzzle pointed down range
  • Load gun only on station
  • Load only one shell at a time (two for doubles and wobble)
  • Unload gun when flag is visible or moving between stations
  • No Illegal substances
  • No alcohol before or while shooting
  • No rifles or pistols allowed